Implementing the strategies necessary to end youth homelessness is not a simple or straight-forward process. It is a multi-step process, and requires learning, testing, gathering information, and evaluating progress along the way. A Place to Call Home: Brandon’s Plan to End Youth Homelessness, (The Plan) is ambitious and bold in its recommendations. To achieve all we have set out to do and truly change the landscape around youth homelessness, we have to work together, and much like a young person learning to drive, we must educate ourselves and others along the way.

This strategic framework is based on data gathered at the local level, and support from national partners including A Way Home. For more information on research methods, and Brandon specific research and data, please see A Place to Call Home: Brandon’s Plan to End Youth Homelessness.

A Place to Call Home: Brandon’s Roadmap to End Youth Homelessness carries on the work and recommendations laid out in The Plan.

Without the work of many individuals locally, regionally and nationally, this work would not have been possible. The Place to Call Home Steering Committee would like to extend sincere thanks to the MLC Steering Committee of A Way Home, Kelly Holmes, Executive Director of RaY and chair of End Youth Homelessness Winnipeg, and David French, Human Services, Province of Alberta for they work they did that was most certainly above and beyond their regular job duties. We would also like to thank Chris Cooper for her role in guiding the Community Art Project, A Place to Call Home. All of the art in this document is from this project, and artist information can be found in the sources at the end.

It is easy with an issue as important as youth homelessness, to gather together service providers who work directly with homeless and vulnerable youth. What has made this process different, is that in addition to service providers we have included those who have the ability to affect change in systems, including health care, school administration and provincial government while ensuring that the voice of youth is heard.

Most poignantly, and after the recent findings of the Point in Time Count held April 13, 2016; it is clear that the implementation of this plan must not only be supported, but be led by our Indigenous community and leaders. The Place to Call Home Steering Committee is pleased to announce, that The Brandon Friendship Centre will lead the implementation of this plan and continue to chair the local steering committee moving forward. It should be noted, that even where not explicitly stated, the responses to youth homelessness must at all times be culturally safe and appropriate, and include cultural teachings and healing for indigenous youth and families.

For more information contact Dennis at 204-727-1407 or 204-761-0385