B.A.E.S. office and visitation site is now in one location, the new address is;

144-12th street (downtown area) Brandon Manitoba, R7A 4L7

Please call (204) 729-8115 for any inquires

E-mail account - bfcaccess@mymts.net


We are a non-profit organization funded by Status of Women and supported by BFC.

BAES is a parent and child visitation access program

Our objective is to provide an opportunity for parents and children to maintain contact in a safe and friendly environment.


Where there has been family violence

When the conflict between parties causes access to be problematic or denied;

Where the non-custodial parent has been absent from the child's life for a lengthy period;

Where there are concerns regarding parenting ability which pose a threat to the safety of the child;

Where there are concerns regarding abduction of the children


1. Supervised Visits

When a monitor is with the non-custodial parent and child (ren) for the entire scheduled visit

Note: BAES will only arrange supervised visit if the child cannot be left alone with the non-custodial parent at any time and documents to substantiate this request is required - example; a court order issued).

2. Supervised Intermittent

When the non-custodial parent/party and the child (ren) remain inside our access centre for the entire visit.

3. Supervised Exchanges

When the non-custodial parent/party uses our access centre for pick-ups and drop-offs of children.


Supervised access provides a safe, neutral and child-focused setting for the child and the access parent to maintain contact.

BAES provides a setting where visits and exchanges take place under the supervision of trained staff who record observations of the visits and exchanges.

BAES upon request, can provide the court and lawyers with copies of observation reports.  Such reports may assist the parents, lawyers and judge in facilitating on going access including a move towards unsupervised access.  (two weeks notice is required - fee applicable for notes)


Referrals are made by judges, lawyers and other agencies

Referrals can be made by Child and Family Services

All referrals are subject to acceptance by the program and may be declined at the discretion of the program.


Participation in BAES is voluntary unless court order

Intake appointments are scheduled individually with each parent


Copies of court orders or Separation Agreements specifying the particulars of supervised visits or exchanges (e.g. times, dates and frequency of the visits).

May request copies of all affidavits from court file regarding custody and access.

May request copies of all custody and access assessments and clinical investigation reports.

 *Service Fees Applicable* subject to change

Visits and Exchange is contingent upon current participant numbers, availability of staff and space at the access site.

 Administrative Hours;

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Access can be arranged during specific days during office hours, evenings during the week, and during the day on weekends

 Contact 204.729.8115

Intake Appointments only - not accepting walk-inns at this time