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"As a traditional healer / Elder, I know the teaching of the Dakota Culture and I am committed to sharing what I know for the good of the people when I am asked and I help them the best way I know how. Elders don't work by the hour, minutes or seconds, they do their work from the heart in order to help the people. They do not work or help people for money, they do it because they care, love, and respect the person's emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being and health. When people come to see me for a specific problem or when families are dealing with a chronic illness or the passing of a loved one, these are times when a pipe ceremony or smudging is needed. Sharing and healing circles will also provide a source of support for patients and families." Frank Tacan

When people are seeking the advice of a Cultural Worker/Elder the proper protocol is to present the

Cultural Worker/Elder with an offering of tobacco.


The ceremonies build strength, support healing and give balance to people.

Smudging Ceremonies

Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremonies

Spirit name giving ceremonies

Sun dance ceremonies

Spiritual healing ceremonies

Offerings that may be needed when conducting ceremonies

Prayer cloth offering

Tobacco offering

Spirit plate offering


In order to guide the person, the cultural worker/advisor/elder looks at the following aspects:

Emotional Cultural Counseling

Spiritual Counseling

Mental Life Counseling

Physical Counseling


Doctors, Chaplains, and Native Elders have different ways of healing people. Spiritual healers and medicine people pray for the patient and ask the spiritual guides to assist in finding the sickness and pain within the person. This is how they determine what medicine they will give the patient, whether it is herbal medicine, counseling, spiritual guidance or to conducting a special ceremony for that person. By working together we would provide the best care possible for the patients. Respect from doctors, nurses and other staff for Native ways of healing is essential for an elder to be able to carry out their responsibilities as a helper. Respect and value the gifts that are given to Elders and medicine people. Care givers can provide support for Elders by letting patients know that the Elder is available.